At some point everybody asks the big questions

Why am I here?

What does faith have to do with me?

What does it look like to live for something bigger than myself?

But no matter how important those questions are to us, we rarely want easy, one-size-fits-all answers. We just want a place in which we can ask the questions without penalty.

The Platform is that space. In a culture saturated by fluid beliefs and accommodating spiritualities, we believe people are looking for a space to simply be themselves - unfiltered, unpretentious, unjudged. This is a place to ask life’s biggest questions and question religion’s biggest answers. It’s a place to listen and to be heard, because each of us is built to explore life and faith, and we believe that journey is done best in company.


What to expect

We meet every Sunday, 6:30pm at Westside King’s Church. We have coffee, enjoy some live music, and then we sit around tables, discussing little ideas about big things.

This is your Platform.


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Our Latest Teaching

Each week we post our Sunday evening teaching here and on the Westside King's Church YouTube channel.  Catch up with the conversation if you missed it, or listen again to continue the discussion throughout your week.

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