Something amazing happens when our lives intersect with brokenness and need. That's why at Westside King's CHurch we make local and global engagement central to who we are and the kind of community we want to be.

Whether it’s a two week trip to our global partners, a Family Serve opportunity for parents and kids, or journeying with people struggling right in our own community, mission is a step toward a life lived beyond the boundaries.





Keeping ourselves accountable to core values ensures our involvement in works of global development and Christian compassion is rooted in purposeful integrity. We have chosen to articulate these values in creedal form. A creed is a statement of confession that grounds practice in belief. Our Missions Creed represents an interpretation of what scripture teaches regarding compassion, and guides the way that we love and serve our world.

We believe mission is an integral part of a devoted and Christ-centred life, as an outward expression of an inward journey of grace.

We believe mission is responsive; we follow the direction of the Spirit to partner with what God is doing to reshape the stories of poverty in our world.

We believe mission is reflective; it exposes the things in our lives and in our culture that stand in the way of openness and vulnerability.

We believe in holistic mission, reaching into brokenness in all its different expressions by joining with God’s imagination for the renewal of all things everywhere.

We believe in humble mission. Recognizing the image of God in everyone, we condemn paternalism and dependency and support empowerment, honour and respect.

We believe in holy mission, striving toward integrity and accountability in stewardship.

We encourage missional experience as an integral pathway for discipleship, recognizing that we grow as we go.

We affirm the kind of mission that leads to shattering encounters with poverty that are mutually transformative both for those serving, and those served.

We believe mission is always rooted in relationship. Mission that does not depend upon a foundation of relationship is at odds with the good news of a God who embodied humanity to save it.

Finally, we believe in relevant mission. We seek to embed ourselves in the Church’s unique and timeless vocation, but continually reimagine the expression of that vocation in the light of the prevailing ideas of our current context.