We are rooted in our time, place and culture. From here we embrace our connection to the historic faith of the church, a faith that is shared through the generations, across denominational borders and divisions. We believe in the one people of God: “one Lord, one faith, one baptism” (Eph. 4:5). We embrace the common center of Christian faith as our ideal, always growing in our understanding, always open to correction and change, always learning our Scriptural faith.

We have chosen to communicate our Christian faith in the form of a creed. A creed rehearses the essence of the church’s teaching as a corporate confession. To confess belief is more than an intellectual exercise; it is an embrace of a total way of thinking and living and being. To confess a creed is to pray, to belong, to worship, to commit, to understand, to hope.

Christian belief is essentially about what or who to trust; it involves what one thinks to be true, but it is truth engaged, truth depended on. A creedal formulation of faith teaches us that faith is not about thinking alone — this is about the implications of thinking, implications which flow into our actions, our worship, our relational life, our choices.

You will notice that a lot more could be said than is found here. But our creed says enough to ground us in our Christian identity. The final movements of the creed are a meditation on Jesus as “the way, the truth, and the life,” and the words chosen are representative of how his life can be worked out in the substance of our lives. This is what we might call a living faith.



We believe in God, the Father, Creator of all that is, seen and unseen,
Designer and sustainer of our human identity, meaning and purpose.
There is nowhere God is absent, or powerless, or irrelevant,
Nothing and no one beyond God’s loving reach.

 We believe God makes himself known to us,
In his creation and in the human story, but most perfectly in Jesus,
And in the Christian Scriptures, which speak of him.
God is life, beauty, power, truth, wisdom and holy love.
He is worthy of trust, worship, obedience, and responding love.


 We believe in Jesus, Lord and Christ,
God’s beloved unique Son, eternally one with the Father,
Who, as the expression of God’s outgoing love,
Was born as a man by the Holy Spirit, of a virgin mother,
And remaining truly God, became truly human, one person.

We believe that for us and for our salvation he came,
Entered into our common life, grew, learned obedience,
Laboured, prayed, was tested and did not sin.
He taught, went about doing good, showed us the way to live.
For the sake of love, he suffered, laying down his life unto death.

We believe the death and resurrection of Jesus changed everything.
Crucified for the sake of our sins, he made peace out of violence.
Putting death to death, he was buried in a garden grave.
But God vindicated him, raising his body to life on the third day.
He ascended back to God, the first of the new creation to come.

We believe in the accomplishment of Jesus,
His triumph over the enemies of life, his continuing effective prayer for us.
Through him we have forgiveness, freedom, reconciliation, and the hope of the resurrection. He has made all things new, the fullness yet to come.
He has promised that he will return into history, unmistakably, gloriously,
to put all things right.

holy spirit

We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Comforter,
Who with the Father and Son is worshipped as One God.
By him we cry Abba Father, participating in the life of the Son.
He is the breath of our prayer, the sustainer of our faith, the giver of love, joy and peace. He is God’s gift of himself, the pledge of future glory.

We believe in the church, the one body of Jesus, undivided, One in God’s heart and mind, the bride of Christ, Purposed as salt and light, meant to make God credible to the world. By baptism and the meal, we show we belong to Jesus, sharing life in him and with him, One local expression of his people, built in faith, hope and love.


We believe in the way of Jesus:
To live, work and pray for his Kingdom begun, and also to come;
To understand the value of each day, each person, each decision;
To embrace wisdom, rejecting foolish living and cheap grace;
To seek a generous, connected life: sharing and serving and caring.

We believe in the truth of Jesus:
That he is life’s defining centre, the light that cannot be put out,
The message of God to all humanity. We believe his love is life itself,
And that becoming impervious to his love is the greatest lie and final tragedy.
So we bow to his Lordship, repenting of our independence, embracing his gift of life.

 We believe in the life of Jesus:
As prayerful and active, humble and hopeful, full of yearning yet pure.
As worshipful and relevant, zealous but peaceful, lived in the Spirit’s power.
As merciful and bold, seeking justice while proclaiming good news.
As spectacularly meaningful life, hidden in the ordinary.

 We believe our purpose together is to be spiritually formed in his image;
To be more like Jesus as we become more uniquely ourselves;
To make the life of Jesus un-ignorable to our time and place;
To live for the one true king, the one who bent down to lift us up.
Even so, we say with all who love him, Come to us Lord Jesus.